How to Play Games @ LNMC

This page has been edited (again!) to reflect more current procedures and notes, and the date/time edited as a result.

How to Play Console Games @ Lyons

(Updated November 2012!)

Two students playing video games in the Lyons New Media Center. One is seated on a soft bench while the other is seated on a beanbag chair.

  1. Go to the Lyons Booking Page.
  2. Click the Gaming Stations link. Choose the day, time and gaming station you wish to play at. (IMPORTANT: Whatever station you book is the station you
    must play on. Do not switch stations once you have arrived.)
  3. Sign into the booking system using your MacID & password. Staff CANNOT book a game station for you! Fill out the necessary info & keep it “clean”. Inappropriate room booking names will get the booking canceled, at the very least. Please note there is a maximum for each station: 1 per gaming PC, 4 per gaming station (consoles).
  4. Arrive at Lyons at your specified booking date/time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a booking, please be aware that your booking may be canceled/given away by staff.
    • If playing a console game (Wii, PS3 or X-Box), choose your game(s) near the entrance. Please pick no more than 3 games at a time, all within the same game system. (You can trade these for other games at the Help Desk part-way through your booking if you would like.) Take these to the Help Desk and sign the games and controllers out.
    • For PC gaming stations, sign out the station at the Help Desk and you will be given the daily password. Games such as Civ and NeverWinter Nights may need the CDs – these can be signed out at the Help Desk as well.
  5. Play for your allotted time. Please be prompt in vacating the station at the end of your booking to avoid fines / late fees & as a courtesy to the next gaming group / individual.
  6. Return all game boxes with CDs, passwords, controllers and cables to the Help Desk to have these removed from your card to avoid fines or late fees.

Notes about the rules

We know it’s a drag to read rules pages, but we ask that you read over our Policies page section on the Games Room, as well as our Games Room Rules and Games Room Code of Conduct.

Why? So you know what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s important to realize that the Games Room is not an arcade. While we encourage and invite the McMaster community to book a time, pop in and blow off a little steam with a fun game, we also ask that everyone remember that it is still an academic space and should be treated as such. There are courses at the University on gaming and virtual environments, as well as researchers delving into this particular topic. This room has been built to support these courses and researchers.

This is why there are so many rules and we ask that everyone treat the space, staff and other gamers with respect. We want it to be fun, but we also want it to be a positive research space.

We know you all will help us out in this endeavour because you folks rock! 🙂

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