Welcome to Summoner’s Rift – a League of Legends Review

If you haven’t played it, you’ve likely at least heard of the e-sports phenomenon that is League of Legends. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for something to pass the time, or a competitive gamer looking for a scene that more closely resembles a professional sport, League has something for everyone.

Game play

The premise of League is simple; destroy the enemy Nexus (Base). Two teams of 5 Champions will use abilities, kill monsters, level skills and spend gold in their quest to destroy the enemy Nexus. The main hook of Leagues game play comes from the fact that each Champion is completely unique in terms of both design and abilities. One champion may be a card throwing, teleporting mage while another may be a giant blue fish who jumps around the map throwing sharks at his enemies. No matter what your play style, with a pool of 123 (and growing) champions, there is a champion for everyone.


While it may not be pushing modern computers to their limits, League’s core design philosophy helps create a rich vivid world filled with beautifully hand painted textures bursting with vibrant colors. One huge bonus of having lower poly graphics means that League will run great on just about any pc or Mac, yes, even your old toaster being powered by a hamster wheel (Just don’t forget to feed the hamster).

Sound Design

The sound design in League is absolutely phenomenal. Each characters spells has a distinct sound that allows you to easily identify who might be hiding behind that bush. The music composition in League is equally as stunning with each new champion having their own theme upon release.


The best feature about League is that it’s FREE, all champions and game play features can be purchased entirely with in-game currency. The ONLY feature in League that cost real money are the cosmetic skins that in no way alter game play, they simply just make your champion look a little more awesome than everyone else’s. Whether you want to play casually or competitively, League of Legends has something to offer everyone who tries it. If you’ve never played it before come give it a try here at Lyons, all of our gaming PCs have it installed, and it’s easily our most played PC game. Enjoy your time in League of Legends and “Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!”

-Damian (Lyons Student Employee)


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