Your opinion matters: feedback on gaming stools wanted

Last week, it was announced that we had new gaming stools. Some of you may have seen them and even sat on them already. Some may not have. They look like this:

New gaming chairs in yellow and red.

We got these in as a possible alternative to the old beanbag chairs. Yes, we know that many of you love the beanbag chairs but they’re getting old, have been repaired multiple times and keep spewing beans everywhere, necessitating repeated fill-ups and clean-ups. Hence why we’re looking at alternate options to the old, tattered favourites.

These are ergonomic stools with small yoga/exercise balls built into them to give them that squishy top. The staff like them and a few of you have spoken up about them on both sides of the fence: some of you like them and some of you don’t.

But we want to hear from more of you! If you happen to book either Gaming Station #2 or Gaming Station #3 in the next little while, please consider filling out one of our very short questionnaire sheets (available at the Help Desk when you sign out your game/controller). Let us know what you think and be honest. We want to know what you think. If you don’t have time to grab a questionnaire, feel free to also email your comments to 🙂

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


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