Game Review: Super Street Fighter IV by Capcom

Super Street Fighter 4 is an updated version of Street Fighter 4, originally released in 2009-2010 for the XBox360, PS3, and iOS devices. The popular 2D fighting game continues on in its 4th installment and is somehow STILL in its 4th installment.

As the prequel to Street Fighter 3 in terms of chronological order, Ryu and many other fighters around the world prepare for a worldwide tournament secretly formed together by the criminal organization Shadaloo and its newest leader Seth. Stories vary from character to character, which you’ll experience in the game’s single player mode.

Like any traditional fighting game, players control fighters attempting to deplete the other’s life bar. The number of rounds can be altered with ease, along with each round’s time limit. Super Street Fighter 4 follows the original’s gameplay, with 6 attack buttons, Focus Attack (a charging punch that absorbs a single hit and staggers enemies), Super Combos (which could either be used to enhance special moves or cancel attacks into a Focus Attack) and punishing Ultra Combos. Introduced in Super Street Fighter 4 is the option to choose your Ultra Combos, further increasing player customization.

The game can be pretty fun, and the controls don’t take much time to master. Characters are unique (except for the “Shotokan fighting style” characters, like Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Akuma, and Gouken) but share play styles making it easy to change from character to character. It is fairly easy to play, but my main gripe is that it does not actually have a lot of content despite SSFIV not being the first release of the game. Aside from versus matches and the Arcade, there are not a lot of things to keep the game interesting. Lack of dialogue, repetitive combat and attacks would make this game not recommended to some gamers. On the other hand hardcore players and fans of the series may find this game definitely worth picking up.

Super Street Fighter IV is available at Lyons on the PS3, so come try it out sometime! And remember, dragon punch motion + fierce punch = instant win.

~ by Albert Le, guest reviewer

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