Stuff’s happening in Lyons: New gaming chairs! Booths adjusted for comfort!

New gaming chairs

New gaming chairs in yellow and red.

This is exciting, folks. When you next go into the gaming room in Lyons, you will see something new: new gaming chairs!!!!

They have exercise balls inside as the base of the seat and from everyone who has had a chance to sit on them today (as they were just installed today), they all think they’re pretty comfortable/supportive. These have replaced the beanbag chairs which have seen better days and have been repaired on numerous occasions. Our hope is that this will help seat more people at the stations more comfortably and keep people from practically lying on the floor to play their games! (Plus, they just look neat, don’t they?)

Collaboration booths get a comfort adjustment

One of the collaboration booths in Lyons.

Let’s face it: the booths in Lyons are popular, but they’ve never been quite right. The seats seem almost too low for the tables, don’t they? We’ve thought that for a while, and we can’t imagine that feeling like you’re a little kid sitting at the grown-up’s table is conductive to work. We want you to be comfortable while you work!

So, the guys were up today and have adjusted three of the four tables so that the seats have been raised a bit and the tables lowered, so hopefully you won’t have to raise above your head to work on your laptop anymore!

You’re probably asking why only three booths have been done, right? Well, in truth, there were some missing parts, which now have to be ordered, so we’re just waiting on those parts to come in for the last booth to be done. Hopefully, it won’t be a long wait.

We do hope you’re all happy with these changes and a little more comfortable in Lyons. 🙂

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


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