Looking for specific software? Check our list!

With our new PCs, we got some new software. Some of the software is the same and some of it is new. Obviously, we no longer have the iLife suite now that we’re on PCs, but we have tried to replace those pieces of software with PC-equivalent apps or at least some additional pieces to try to make up for it.

To replace iMovie (as we realize Adobe Premiere can be intimidating to new video editors), we have Windows Movie Maker, for example.

There are also some freeware/open source software available on the new machines, such as Blender (for 3D creations), Gimp (a Photoshop equivalent) and Inkscape (an Illustrator equivalent).

And of course, we still have the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (production premium in the main room and the master collection in the Edit Studios), as well as other old favourites such as Comic Life (on all the machines) and Camtasia (on the Edit Studio machines).


For a full list, check out our software list on our website!

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


2 responses to “Looking for specific software? Check our list!

    • Hi Harjot,

      You are able to download and install fonts on our computers. Simply download the font in question, then go to the InstallFont app located in the START menu (START > Maintenance > InstallFont). Install the font with this app and away you go. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      Library Media Specialist

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