Lyons PCs now have “InstallFont” program to help with designers wanting more fonts

One of our readers mentioned that our new PCs wouldn’t allow for font installations, as you need administrator access (on Macs, you don’t). As we realize this would be extremely limiting for anyone designing on our machines, we presented this issue to the Library IT team and asked what they could do to work around this for us.

Within a matter of days, our IT team had a solution figured out and installed for us on every single one of our computers: InstallFont.

They heard and understood the problem and have written a program just for you, our patrons, to install fonts as you need them on our new PCs. 

How awesome is that??

Now, for the time being, it’s kind of buried in the START menu, but here’s how you find it. Just follow this path in the menu:

STARTAll ProgramsMaintenanceInstallFont

We’re going to see if we can get a shortcut added to the desktop but in the meantime, it’s there, ready for you to use it to install fonts as you need to. Simply open the program, navigate to the downloaded font, select it and click the install button. You should see the font in the design program of your choice after that.

Hopefully this helps! And if it does, remember to thank your friendly neighbourhood Library IT guys if you spot them working on a computer. They’re pretty awesome. 🙂

Library Media Specialist


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