5 Apps I Can’t Live Without – A Student’s Perspective

Although I am not one those individuals who take pride in collecting apps and programs at a massive level, I do, duh, have a few softies I can’t go a day without. Here is a brief list:

  1. Photoshop: Surprise, surprise! I know it was corny of me to include this in my list but I just can’t go a day without this beauty. Whether it’s work related or I have a project due for school, you’ll always find me working my way through it. In fact, I even end up passing my time just trying out new tools and tricks or just end up making typography posters or cards for friends or myself. Yeah, yeah, I am a geek.
  2. Evernote: This is by far the most useful app I have downloaded on my iPad and iPhone. Being a person who is constantly on the run, I find myself always in the need of having a few notebooks with me to jot my thoughts and ideas without driving myself crazy carrying around the weight. The solution to this came when Evernote was created. This app lets you create, categorize and organize notebooks. It has several features that let you import other documents as well as pictures (you need to download its sister app, Skitch, for the import of pictures) and make notes and such on them. It’s an amazing app for those times where you need to quickly jot down an idea or a thought or maybe someone’s address. And to make things even better you can download the same app on your MacBook and it automatically syncs all the notebooks every time you’re connected to the Internet. Neat eh?
  3. Penultimate: Just like Evernote, this app also helps me record my notes electronically. However, instead of typing it down, I can now use my stylus and literally write, draw, scribble all over my iPad. The beauty of this app is that it syncs the notes with Evernote, which then syncs to your MacBook. Very handy app if you’re a student like me and need to take in lecture notes that not only require you to write but to also sometimes draw and scribble freely on the page – it’s also pretty sick to doodle on during those oh-so-boring classes. *coughs*
  4. Copy: I got this app from their website which is a storage site similar to Dropbox. What I love about this as unlike Dropbox I get a lot of storage capacity for free and I can increase my capacity by 5GB every time I refer a friend who makes an account at Copy. I have this app on my iPad, iPhone, and my MacBook. This makes my life so much easier as I have literally all my documents, pictures, and project files just a click away. Being a person who is always, always, on the run it helps me stay on track and not miss anything.
  5. Google Maps: Being a geographically challenged person, I need this app on my iPhone at all times. Not only does it navigate me while I am driving or walking, it in fact even helps me figure out my bus schedule, be it local transit or Go bus. It tells me what Bus to take, at what time, and how many transfers I might need to make in order to reach my destination. It’s a pretty handy tool, I must say.

~ Fatima, Student Employee


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