Q&A: You left a comment about the Edit Studios & we’re answering!

Recently, a comment was left for us via our website regarding the Edit Studios. The comment was:

“The editing studios really need to be soundproof to get anything done in them.”

This is a fair statement and we’ve wanted those rooms to get soundproofed for a while, but it’s just not been in the budget.

However, there is a little bit of good news about this. We have been looking for lower-cost solutions to this issue and have purchased a portable soundbooth. This will be made available to book soon, to be used within the Edit Studios. A USB mic can be placed inside this soundbooth (which sits on the counter-top) and it helps with some noise baffling.

It’s not a perfect solution, but from the staff who have been our guinea pigs testing it out, it sounds like the setup works pretty well. Once it’s available to book and borrow, it will show up on our equipment page.

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you have comments, questions or feedback for us? Feel free to email them to media AT mcmaster.ca.

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


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