Need a camera/tripod? Help us help you by giving us advanced notice.

Lights! Camera! Action!

One of our more popular services is our camera/tripod bookings, especially as we get more and more into “project time” on campus. You have video/photography projects and we’ve got the hardware you need!

The unfortunate thing is that we only have two digital cameras (photography), two tripods and currently two camcorders (for videography) which can be loaned out of Lyons, and demand is high. How can you improve your chances of getting your camera and/or tripod booking when you want it?

The answer is simple: give us as much lead time as possible. A minimum of one business day before the desired booking is alright, but we’d prefer much more time, if possible.

We do take bookings pretty far in advance, so the sooner you know you need a camera and let us know, the better. Just email the Manager, Rhonda Moore, to request a booking. Please provide the following info:

  • what camera you need (digital camera for taking pictures or camcorder for taking video)
  • if you need a tripod as well
  • dates & times you’d like to book the camera – please provide multiple dates/times in case your first choice is not available

Hopefully this will help get your hands on the camera equipment you need when you need it!

Want to book the green screen and its equipment? That’s a whole other ballgame! Check out our new bookings page on our website, specifically the Green Screen/Media Classroom booking area.

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


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