A Game a Day – Halloween: Five more games to try

I’ve got a couple more games to suggest for anyone looking to play some Halloween-appropriate games leading up to the Big Day ™. So as not to spam people’s RSS feeders or subscriptions, I thought lumping five more together might be appropriate to get you through to Halloween itself. Here we go!

Zombie Minesweeper

Have you ever played Minesweeper? You know the game where you have to click on squares on a grid, encounter numbers and have to figure out where the mines have been planted on the board based on the number you encounter? Basically, if you see a “1”, you know that that tile is only touching one mine. If it says “3”, there are three around it. So, using logic, you’re supposed to set flags where you think there are mines, then keep clicking around, based on where you believe the mines are, trying to clear the board without accidentally blowing it up.

Now, give it cute little cartoon graphics.

And a scared-looking little girl character running around a map of sorts (running to wherever your click).

You’re still adding flags as you go, as that helps with your overall score.

But then zombies happen.

Welcome to Zombie Minesweeper, a fun little zombie post-apocalyptic logic puzzler game for the iPad! The point is to get through the map/grid unscathed, without blowing yourself up, being able to flag as many (or all) of the flags you can, to reach a plunger which detonates all the mines. You have to avoid the zombies which start climbing out of the ground all around you and hey, why not lure a few across some of the mines you’ve flagged while you’re at it?

It sounds simple enough, right? In truth, it’s pretty intense and it tests how logical you can be under pressure. A lot of fun all around!

Zombie Tower

Like tower defence games? I know I do! So when I heard there was a zombie tower defence game, I just had to snag it for my iPad.

You start off with pretty basic towers and pretty basic zombies, but as with any tower defence game, this changes as the levels go up and you get more and more experience. Kill zombies before they reach your castle to gain the gold to buy more towers to kill more zombies, and so on…

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s a pretty simple concept but oh-so much fun!

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

It’s been a while since I’ve played this game, but from what I recall it’s primarily a hidden object game with a mystery story attached to it. You’re initially greeted by the ghost of Nathaniel Hawthorne who begs for you to help him solve the mystery of his death. From there, you end up being transported to Salem during the witch trials and need to work your way through a series of hidden object scenes and puzzles to progress the story along.

I’ve played this on both my iPad and PC (I think through Big Fish Games). It might be available on other devices.

Alan Wake

This one doesn’t really fit with the above ‘casual games’ and I’ve not played much of this one, but I’m putting this here as a suggestion that you check it out for yourself and see how you like it. I’ve got it on my PC (through Steam), but I know Lyons has it for XBox, so it’s likely available on many of the consoles.

Any game that starts off in the main character’s nightmare is an appropriately-themed game for Halloween in my books. The beginning part is pretty darned creepy.

I don’t really have much else to say about it as I am going to have to track down my PC game controller for this game (the PC controls with a keyboard and mouse are a bit unruly, I’ve found), but I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something with a ‘creepy factor’ to it.

The Secret World

Looking for a different MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that definitely has the “creep factor”? Check out The Secret World. A modern world where monsters exist and magic lives next to guns and ammo is a very creepy world indeed.

One whole area is all about zombies. Another has you fighting these oozing shadow creatures. The graphics are gorgeous and the storylines are pretty impressive. I haven’t played this one for a while (my friends moved onto Guild Wars 2, so I followed along with the gang, of course!), but while I played it, I found it to be beautiful, intense and sometimes terrifying. Check it out if you’re bored and looking for a creepy yet interesting game to play!

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