A Game A Day catchup: Halloween suggestions

I’m behind in my “A Game A Day” postings! Sorry! Let’s see if I can get caught up a bit in one posting. Here are some further game suggestions for the Halloween season…

Costume Quest

Want a fun little game that isn’t too terribly complex to play but still gives you a little bit of a challenge? Want to play something that’s not quite so scary, graphic or series? Costume Quest might just be what you’re looking for. It’s a great little PC game that is available through Steam.

Jaunty cartoon-like graphics really set the tone for this little adventure. The game starts off by showing you kids trick-or-treating for Halloween, then it focuses in on one particular house. Inside, Mom and Dad are trying to encourage their twin kids (Raymond & Wren) to go out and meet some new friends on Halloween. Of course, there’s sibling rivalry going on and Wren’s not keen on the idea of her brother tagging along. So Mom decides to put one of them in charge. This is where you, the player, get to pick which character you play.

Whichever of the siblings you play, you get a robot-styled costume and your sibling gets dressed up as a Halloween candy corn piece. Gameplay starts with the two of you going to the first house and a real monster answering the door. The monster mistakes your sibling as a really big piece of real candy and absconds with your twin. You follow and try to stop him, but hit obstacles at every turn. You find out really quickly that your costume isn’t just a costume — when facing real monsters, you turn into whatever you’re dressed up as!

Along the way to trying to save your twin, you can go up against other neighbourhood kids in challenges (such as a race), you can kick real monsters’ butts and take your frustrations out on your neighbours’ garbage cans and mail boxes for additional candy. All told, it’s a fun little game with lots of challenges to keep you on your toes. Check it out!

Plants vs Zombies 1

This is an iPad (or other device) and PC classic! If you haven’t gotten on the PvZ bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for??

This is another “cute but still thematically appropriate” choice for the Halloween season. You are the Homeowner living next door to a crazy guy named Dave, and you have to plant defensive and offensive plants in your garden to help combat the shambling masses of zombies.

Sounds silly, right? Well, it is. But it’s great fun and quite a challenge!

Sunflowers give you sunlight which helps you buy and plant your plants in your garden. Then you have different types of plants, such as Wall-nuts which block zombies for a time, Pea-shooters which shoot peas at the zombies and even others like Cherry-Bombs (just as it sounds), among others. Strategy is everything. Keep the zombies from crossing your lawn, back yard (with pool!) and roof, in the daytime or nighttime.

If you’re playing on a PC, type in the word ‘moustache’ or ‘future’ and see what happens to your zombies. That’s a fun little easter egg for you!

Beat the game and saw the Sunflower sing her song? Dive into the puzzles and challenges! This is endless fun. Go. Play. Now. 🙂

Plants vs Zombies 2

This is more of a quick note about this one, following up to the original game. I haven’t played this one all the way through and one pitfall I will warn you about with this one is that it’s filled with in-game purchases, but the game itself is still playable without said purchases.

How is PvZ2 different than its predecessor? The gameplay is still essentially the same, but there are new locations, new plants and even new zombies! The first new location you end up being transported to is ancient Egypt where you have to fight off mummified versions of the zombies, including a wizard-type of zombie who likes to steal your sunlight. (Be quicker than him or you’ll have no resources!)

And where the original game has you playing the levels in a chronological order, the new game allows you to go back and forth between levels on a game map of sorts. It allows you to choose different paths to try other levels or to skip some of the ones that are being a bit tough to beat at the time. (As I understand, you can end up on a pirate ship after Egypt. I’m looking forward to seeing that!)

Despite the in-game purchase bandwagon that PvZ2 has seemed to jump onto, it’s a fun little game that might be worth checking out.

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

This one is pretty easy to give you a basic concept: think Bejeweled but with zombies and survivors. 🙂 It’s available on PC and iPad — not sure about other platforms.

Now, although I said that it’s like Bejeweled, don’t be fooled: it’s no walk in the park. It’s intense and crazy. The gems in Bejeweled don’t attack other gems around them after time passes. The zombies in Containment do.

The goal is not to swap the zombies around but to surround the zombies completely by the same type of survivor. There are orange, pink, blue and green shirted survivors, if memory serves me. One is a nurse. One is a soldier. Another is a ‘street punk’. And another is a cop. If you surround a group of zombies by the same type of survivor, they attack the zombies and clear them from the board.

There are also boxes and car trunks and other containers you can open for additional weapons that you can use from above (such as single-shot guns, molotov cocktails, rocket launchers, etc.), but beware: these containers may also have other zombies that will shamble toward your ‘board’ and attack survivors on the edges. Once survivors are attacked, they turn into more zombies.

Once a board is overrun with too many zombies, your game ends and you must start over.

One more warning: this game is addictive. 😉

Hopefully this gets me all caught up on the A Game A Day postings! I’ll try to get a couple more out before Halloween.

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist


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