A Game A Day – Halloween: Left 4 Dead

Another zombie game? Yes, another one. I should apologize, perhaps, as I play a lot of zombie-themed games.

But unlike The Walking Dead, covered yesterday, this is less about story and more about survival and zombie kills. While there is a story of sorts, the main objective is to get your team out of the zombie-infested areas as quickly as possible and, hopefully, in one piece. This is the first-person-shooter for the gamer who isn’t necessarily a fan of first-person-shooter games. It can be played cooperatively or in solo mode (with computer-run team mates).

It’s also for those gamers bored with the ho-hum-same-old-sam-old zombies. Aside from the general zombie masses, there are: Boomers, Hunters, Smokers, The Tank and the dreaded Witch. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses — but mostly strengths. If you keep your ears open, you’ll hear them before you see them… and trust me, you’ll want that warning.

And you don’t just have guns. No, no, no. In fact, while guns are effective and useful when the shambling horde is starting to get a little too close for comfort, there are a few other weapons at your disposal which are effective against groups and even luring hidden zombies out from their little hidey holes.

First, there are molotov cocktails. These are great for tossing at a crowd of zombies who are unaware of your presence to take them out before they even know what hit them. Note: I don’t recommend using this against the Witch, as she launches herself at you while she burns, then you take damage, too!

And one of my favourite choices in the game has to be the pipe bomb because of the effect it has — not just in blowing up the horde, but first drawing them to it for maximum carnage. This is great for clearing an area of a huge crowd or to draw the zombies out from the hidden, darkened corners you can’t see into. Once they hear the beeper on it, they come running toward it, trying to attack it, so be sure to throw it far from you! They are drawn to it like moths to a flame.  But beware: I think there might be a maximum number of zombies who can crowd around it, so you might have a few stragglers to deal with after it goes off.

The characters are colourful and although I’ve been hearing Left 4 Dead 2 is even better than the original game, well, the original game still has some life in it. Call me a purist, but in this case, I think I prefer the original game. There are a few elements of the second game that I’m not jazzed about — but that’s another story! Regardless, even if you’ve played this game a million times, it never ceases to be fun and still manages to get a few scares out of me each time I play it! I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

Happy hunting!

~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist

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