A Game a Day – Halloween count-down: The Walking Dead

Halloween is just over a week away — are you ready??

I’ve been playing what I consider to be thematically-appropriate games for Halloween as of late, so I thought: what better way to count down the last week of October leading up to Halloween but with sharing some suggestions of said games with all of you? I will state up front: all of the games I suggest will be for PC unless otherwise stated. I may throw in an iPad game here or there, but will state that up front. Sorry to all the console-gamers out there! I’m not a console-player. But please, if you have any console game suggestions, please share these with us in the comments!

The Walking Dead

Do you love zombies? Are you a fan of the show of the same name? Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure book and loved the concept of having some influence over the story? Check this episodic game out.

Beware: this is not a first person shooter, nor is it an ‘arcade-style’ game. It’s almost set up like you’re in the comic. There is a meta-story that has to happen, but how it happens is up to you and entirely based on some pretty split-second choices made in some rather lose-lose scenarios. What you do matters; maybe not to the over-arching plot, but to the details of how you get through said plot.

While you are pulled through the story of The Walking Dead, you will be faced with choices that you will sometimes have to make without having time to think it through. Sometimes, the choice will be logical; sometimes, it will just be because a decision had to be made or because you simply react to what’s going on. You may not even like the choices you have to make, but the story must progress and you don’t want to get eaten, right? Just remember that how you react, who you help, what you do (or don’t do) has an effect on who sides with you, who is there when you need a helping hand, and even who is NOT there for you.

Note: this is based more on the comic book “compendium” version of this story as opposed to the popular AMC tv series. The graphics are pretty neat, resembling a gritty comic book that moves. (I’m really liking this style of game animation, honestly.) The voice actors aren’t too bad. And the action can be intense. There were a few spots in the first episode where I panicked and got eaten and had to try again, so don’t worry about it not being interactive or not having enough ‘action’. If you like first person shooters a lot, maybe this one isn’t for you. But if you like games that make you think and work through problem solving scenarios in a hurry, this one might be worth checking out!

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