Recap from the 2nd Annual M24 Film Fest!

Lyons New Media Centre presents McMaster’s Second Annual 24-Hour Film Festival! All we can say is WOW! What another successful year.

The 24-hour challenge took place on September 20 and the participants were to make sure the following three elements were incorporated into their film:

A Prop: keys
A Location: in a chair
A Line Of Dialogue: “You want some more of that? … I didn’t think so” from the movie Billy Madison.

Once the long hours of producing and editing a final film were over, we held our Second Annual M24 Film Fest Gala on September 27 where the selected films were previewed.

This year, the Gala was held in the heart of downtown Hamilton at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH). McMaster alumni, current undergraduate students, and students from the Media Arts class at Westdale high school along with their friends and family were invited to take part in the screening of the top 10 videos.

The Gala was filled with nervous filmmakers, supportive family and friends, industry judges, and short-film lovers! The intimate venue made the event even more special to the filmmakers. And they had popcorn!

As the screening started wrapping up, the judges scribbled down their final thoughts and the audience bubbled in their favourite video on a voter’s card. The judges gave very valuable constructive criticism and awards were handed out to the top 3 teams who produced the best films.

D-d-d-d-d-drum roll please!!

The Top Three winners were:

1. First prize: What Are You ‘Stairing’ At? by Mobhouse Crew *(a team of McMaster Alumni)*
2. Second prize: Reciprocity by Team Jacobs *(a team of currently McMaster undergraduate students)*
3. Third prize: Paranormal Economy by SpartanSquared *(a team of Westdale high school students)*

Two other awards given out that night were for Best Performance and Audience Choice.

The industry judges awarded Dave “Creepy-Beard-Guy” Dawson in the film Reciprocity with Best Performance for the acting in his very dramatic role.

The audience voted on their favourite film too and Paranormal Economy by SpartanSquared was awarded.

The McMaster 24-Hour Film Fest Gala was a huge success and overall a very exciting evening. Attending the event myself, I was completely blown away and amazed by the talent that my fellow McMaster peers have.

** For those who were unable to attend the event, Lyons New Media Centre will be showcasing most of the videos and images from the kick-off event and gala on the video wall in mid-October. Stay tuned! **

The videos and images will be captioned, and as well they will be posted up on our YouTube channel for easy access from home.

Photos will be coming soon, too!


Cassandra, LNMC Student Employee


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