Welcome back students! We have updates!

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your summer and that your first full week has been great!

We would just like to inform you of some changes that we made to Lyons over the summer.

There have been quite a few changes to our equipment, in particular, our cameras.
We now have:
– 1 Canon SLR that can be used in the Green Screen Room
– 4 Camcorders that are available for loan; 3 of those 4 can be used outside of the Centre for a 24-hours and the other 1 is intended to be used in the Green Screen Room only. More details on our camera equipment can be found here.

The most important change to take *note* is that ALL of our equipment must now be booked AHEAD of time, not the day of expected use. This includes: the Green Screen Room camera equipment and microphone. Please email Rhonda Moore at moorer AT mcmaster DOT ca with a detailed message of what you would like to rent and for what date/time. This will make it easier for both you and the LNMC staff!

Another cool thing to note about the Centre is that our 12 computers have just recently been upgraded. They now run quicker than ever before!

And lastly, we have made some changes to the two Edit Suites, room L415 and L416. In order to ensure these computers are running at quick speeds, we ask that students please remove ALL of their documents from these computers so that they stay clean and organized. The computers will be WIPED every Sunday morning, so please, please remove all your documents or save them elsewhere. A USB key is a must for these rooms!

Thank you all for your continued cooperation! We look forward to another great year with McMaster!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Someone at the Help Desk would be happy to serve you!

~ Cassandra, LNMC student employee


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