CSMM presents FRESH at Lyons!

On April 11, the Communications Studies Multimedia department (CSMM) and its student society held their 6th annual FRESH event at Lyons New Media Centre.

FRESH is a peer-reviewed symposium which gives CSMM students the opportunity to present school assignments or other work they are proud of and have it peer-reviewed by professors and professionals. Many creative projects, essays, theses, and student research was presented by a range of undergraduate and some graduate students.

The event was divided by having Multimedia student presentations in Lyons and the Communications presentations in the McMaster Health Forum. This gave viewers the ability to not only mingle with students, professors, and creative professionals, but also experience an array of student talent!

Some projects on display included: CMST 1A03 Vlog Rants, MMEDIA 2A03 and 3H03 video and photography projects, Live Coding, 4th Year MMEDIA Theses, and an array of exceptional CMST essays!

The FRESH event also featured two keynote speakers, Cody Lanktree and Elizabeth Young, who talked about how they broke into the CSMM industry after graduating. Their advice to the students was very inspiring for the undergraduate students! Cody, content creator for “HamiltonSeen”, reminded students to do what they love and never stop networking because job-finding is a journey. Elizabeth encouraged students to never be disheartened when job searching or setting goals, but rather, to keep powering through the hard times until the good times come. Each speaker was very well spoken and inspirational to the students.

The event also featured the Second Annual CSMM StratComm competition. StratComm is an event which encourages students to develop a Strategic Communications plan for a non-for-profit organization. The winners of the best strategic plan were awarded with a grand prize as well!

FRESH demonstrated exceptional projects and student talent and students who had the most outstanding submissions were rewarded. The Communications Studies Multimedia Student Society’s President Julie Truong who also helped plan the event had some really great things to say about FRESH:

FRESH was a great event. A huge success! It was fantastic to see so many students sharing their work and to see professionals coming out to support them.

It was great to have this media event hosted at LNMC! Special thanks to the McMaster Health Forum for allowing us to share your space with you. Thank you to the CSMM faculty who supported the students, judged the event, and provided great feedback. And to all the students who submitted something to FRESH, you are all so talented! Keep up the excellent work!

~ Cassandra, Student Employee


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