LNMC utilized for an Amazing Race Canada application!

We have a really great experience we’d love to share with you!

Michael Romaniuk is a 4th year Kinesiology student at McMaster and just recently, he and his girlfriend Joanna filmed their entire application for The Amazing Race Canada at Lyons New Media Centre! Michael and Joanna spent many days and long hours filming in the Green Screen room and editing in our Edit Suites.

It was great for the LNMC staff to see Lyons used as an efficient space and to see our software and programs are being utilized for great purposes.

Michael had some really great things to say about the Centre that we would love to share with you:

“Lyons New Media Centre has served me well a few times, but this was the first time I’ve solely relied on it for the whole completion of a project. From the recording to the editing process it has single-handedly facilitated the successful creation of our project. It is by far one of the most useful resources that I’ve used here at McMaster as it’s very difficult to recreate such an environment on a low budget at home. You get access to professional materials, which boost the overall final product that you complete. The computers are also incredibly powerful and fast, allowing for a seamless editing process which would otherwise take 4 times the amount of time to complete using my own equipment.”

We are so proud of what Michael and Joanna produced. Check out their final video HERE!

~ Cassandra, LNMC Student Employee


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