Booking in LNMC

Even though this term is coming to an end, final projects are still in full swing! We would like to remind students to take advantage of the abundance of resources Lyons has to offer!

Some of our great resources include:
– 2 digital cameras, camcorders, and tripods which are great for small video projects

– 2 condenser microphones which are only available to students who book out an editing suite

– 2 Editing Suites (L145 and L416) which are both available for two hours at a time. In here you can take your raw footage and edit in a quiet space! Please remember: these suites are only for editing, not group study

– A Consultation Room (L418) which is great for group projects and collaborative assignments

– A Green Screen Room which is great for students who want to change up their background in the editing process. Some students even use this room for picture taking as we have 3 studio lights in there as well for!

* Visit our library website for a full detailed list of the equipment and software we have to offer! *


The Editing Suites (L415 and L416) and the Consultation Room (L418) can only be booked ONLINE.

To use the Green Screen Room OR to take out any camera equipment, please EMAIL Rhonda Moore at

~ Cassandra, LNMC student employee


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