Gaming: Saved profiles / games recently cleared

Just a heads-up: we’ve recently cleared most profiles and some game data from the XBox and PS3 consoles in the LNMC games room. But you had a profile there and game saves and… ack, now they’re gone! We know! We’re so sorry! But we promise it was necessary. We’ve already been asked the obvious question: Why??

The short-short version is that the hard drives were getting very full, we haven’t cleared them in a long time and we’ve got a gaming class coming in this term that will need the space. We haven’t cleared the hard drives in a while and we’re supposed to do it at least once per term.

So, if we deleted your profile, we apologize but it really was necessary. We recommend not relying on our machines to store your profile, game data, saved games, etc., as we do clear the machines from time to time to make sure there’s enough room on them for academic purposes.

If you really want to save your game progress and be able to play between machines or just be able to play on our machines without having to set everything up again and start your gameplay from scratch, consider saving your saved games to a USB key.

Need help with this?

Hope this helps a bit!


~ Kelly, Library Media Specialist

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