The dreadful E word… Exams!

An image of a female student sitting on the floor at the end of the bookstacks, studying, with other students in the far distance. A title reads, "The dreadful E word... EXAMS!"

It’s that time again… The dreadful E word… Exams… A university student’s nightmare!

From December 5th to the 19th students will be bubbling in Scantron answers and racing the clock to finish that last short answer.

Finding a quiet spot on campus to study or read is usually quite a challenge. A really great resource to take advantage of is the silent study rooms found in Mills, Thode, and Innis library.

                Mills – 4th (west wing, down the ramp) and 6th floor

                Thode – 2nd floor and lower level

                Innis – east wing (room 108/C)

Book a room with a few classmates and create your own small study group! You are guaranteed some silent study space in there.

One of my favourite spots on campus is the second and third levels of MUSC. Great couch space and they’re open 24-hours for those late nights! A great off campus spot is the William’s across the street on Main and Emerson. A little bit louder, but a great atmosphere and has some big tables for group studying as well!

For those that like studying with music, 8Tracks is an awesome website that loops music based on a genre of your choosing. The best two genres for this time of year is combining the list “Study” with “Calm”. You are guaranteed some great tunes!

Just remember… You. Can. Do. It!

Work hard and then play harder! The break will be here before you know it.

Lyons New Media Centre wishes all McMaster students good luck on their finals!

~ Cassandra D’Ambrosio, LNMC student employee

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