Did you miss the M24?

A title image for events. The image depicts a silhouette of a person standing behind a podium on a yellow background.

Did you miss the McMaster 24 Hour Film Fest?

Never fear! You can catch up on what it was all about in several ways:

  1. Stop by LNMC any day in the next couple of weeks to catch some photos and almost all of the videos from the M24 events on our video wall (see schedule below).
  2. Pop over to our YouTube channel to watch the submitted videos online! (All videos start with “M24” in the title.)
  3. Truck on over to our new tumblr page to check out some of the photos from wherever you are.
  4. Read a blog article from one of our very own LNMC student employees about what it was like going to the M24 gala!

The video schedule is split into groups of 3 or 4 videos which play once each day:

The Winners’ Circle: Hunter (3rd prize), You Only Draw Once (2nd prize & audience choice), Blinded (1st prize & best performance)

Group A: Interceptor, The Magic Cellphone Switch, The Girl in the Polkadot Dress

Group B: Trick, Colour Blind, The Revelation, Paper Rabbit

Group C: Archimedes Von Mon Tego 1st, Story Time, Overlooked

Group D: Jacob, MetaMan, The Storm, Blink 187


Mon – Thurs:

11:00am – The Winner’s Circle
12:30pm – Group A
2:00pm – Group B
3:30pm – Group C
5:00pm – Group D

Fri – Sat:

10:30am – The Winners’ Circle
12:00pm – Group A
1:30pm – Group B
3:00pm – Group D
4:30pm – Group D


12:00pm – The Winners’ Circle
1:30pm – Group A
3:00pm – Group B
4:30pm – Group C
6:00pm – Group D


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