Lights! Camera! Action!

Lyons New Media Centre presents McMaster’s 24 Hour Film Festival!

On October 12th, McMaster’s first annual Film Festival Gala took place at the Citadel Theatre in the heart of downtown Hamilton. Students were given three elements: a prop, a location, and a line of dialogue which were to be incorporated into their videos. They were to include: a hand-drawn image, they had to be “looking through something”, and their line of dialogue was “How about a magic trick?” from The Dark Knight.

Teams raced to meet the 24 hour deadline and submit their films. Regardless of the given constraints, McMaster students, staff and faculty did an amazing job! Submissions were judged and filmmakers anxiously waited for the final decisions at the Gala.

McMaster filmmakers, along with their family, friends, and other guests from the downtown Hamilton area joined together for a screening of the top 15 videos. The Gala was filled with nervous filmmakers, supportive family and friends, and short-film lovers! The intimate venue made the event even more special to the filmmakers. And they had popcorn! The entire experience was just fantastic! This was the first time I attended a screening for movies produced locally. It was very exciting to say the least.

As the screening started wrapping up, industry judges scribbled down their final thoughts and the audience bubbled in their favourite video on a voter’s card. The judges gave very valuable constructive criticism and the awards were handed out to the top 3 teams who produced the best films.

D-d-d-d-d-drum roll please!!

The top three winners were:

First prize and best performance winner stands on stage with his two trophies.

First Prize & Best Performance winner. “Blinded” by Ideas Through Film.

First prize: Blinded by Ideas Through Film

Second prize: You Only Draw Once by #YOLOSWAG Productions

Third prize: Hunter by Team Avatar

Best Performance: Blinded by Ideas Through Film
Audience Choice: You Only Draw Once by #YoloSwag Productions

The McMaster 24-Hour Film Fest Gala was a huge success and overall a very exciting evening. Attending the event myself, I was completely blown away and amazed by the talent that my fellow McMaster peers have.

2nd prize & audience choice winners stand on stage, posing with one of their awards.

2nd prize & audience choice winners. “You Only Draw Once” by #YOLOSWAG Productions.

I was so inspired! These young filmmakers were given several constraints yet still managed to produce incredible films. It was truly an enjoyable experience. I was so proud to be a McMaster student that night!

For those that were unable to attend the event, Lyons New Media Centre will be showcasing most of the videos and images from the kick-off event and gala on the video wall next week.

3rd prize winners pose on stage after accepting their award.

3rd prize winners. “You Only Draw Once” by #YOLOSWAG Productions.

The videos and images will be captioned, and as well they will be posted up on our YouTube channel for easy access from home.

– Cassandra D’Ambrosio

Most of the films (including late entries) can be viewed online now on our YouTube Channel!


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